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working papers/incomplete software for accountants?

working papers/incomplete software for...

Hi, I am new to this so bear with me!  I am in the process of setting up a new practice and acquiring clients and wondered if there is any software out there that will eliminate excel worksheets.  I currently use these and bespoke them for each client.  I use sage for some things but am looking at buying Iris for the accounts/tax etc but am trying to save time at the lower end where I have a client who has manual/incomplete records.  I have searched on here and can see VT accounts software and Caseware.  Does anyone know anything about these or have any other ideas?



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08th Nov 2010 11:09

VT final accounts and TaxCalc

I would not recommend anything else

VT plug into Excel and is very flexible. TaxCalc is intuitive plus they will provide a CRM module

if you do payroll, I recommend 12pay 

other members might have different opinions

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08th Nov 2010 12:18

VT Software and 12 pay

Thank you for that.  I have looked at them and will download a trial of the VT software.  Does 12 pay enable submission of year end returns do you know?

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11th Nov 2010 12:01

for payroll

download a free copy of payroll manager  YOu wont be disappointed and yes does year end Forms P35.  And P11ds and is a really good value as others will confirm

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11th Nov 2010 12:14

Digita Accounts Production

I set up my own practice last year and have some incomplete record clients.

I use Digita software and their Accounts Production software allows you to recreate a cashbook  as well as prepare the statutory accounts.

It is integrated with tax and practice management software like IRIS is and I think you'll find it's a bit cheaper than IRIS.  I used to be an IRIS user with my previous practice but was more impressed with Digita.

I've used Digita for the past year and I'm still impressed with the product and keep discovering even more that it can do, thanks to my excellent account manager there.

If you want to talk further about Digita, do contact me!

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12th Nov 2010 10:08

Starting out

VT is brilliant, and ypu won't go wrong with Moneysoft payroll manager or BTC tax software that integrates seamlessly with VT. I see BTC now offer flexible payment options.













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12th Nov 2010 11:36

At the risk of repeating (almost) everyone else...


VT Final Accounts, TaxCalc Pro, Moneysoft.





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12th Nov 2010 12:20

12pay will file at year end if you buy the licence. I'm sure you would end up with the licence anyway as there are some other key features which aren't available whilst using the free copy.


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12th Nov 2010 14:51

Moneysoft payroll

Thank you everyone, I have downloaded the Moneysoft and it looks so easy!  Why didn't I use it before?!!!

Thanks for all the advice.  I will look into the VT now



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