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Do HMRC have to reply to letters these days? The VAT68 team dont seem to be bothering!

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I sent a VAT68 form to HMRC and forgot the VAT1, which should have accompanied it. My mistake.  I did send a covering letter asking some questions and explaining the Incorporation. Instead of simply contacting me as agent, HMRC have deregistered the client and now say he has to re-register! I am not sure why they just couldnt ask for the forms or give us a call. We are now unable to submit his return...

Does anyone know whether HMRC have officially given up replying to post - as the VAT68 team has!

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By lionofludesch
30th Nov 2016 14:05

We've never worked together.

HMRC are not my enemies - but they are my opponents.

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By petersaxton
30th Nov 2016 15:41

HMRC have given up doing normal things

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By euanjohn
05th Dec 2016 10:52

As the recent farcical imposition of MTD has demonstrated, we do not "work together" with HMRC. We are like Tom and Jerry. Jerry survived because he recognised that he and Tom had to co-exist, but he regarded every move made by Tom with the greatest cynicism and suspicion. I read a quote from a bigwig at ICAEW saying he regarded HMRC as "friends" - ha!

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By mikegabb
05th Dec 2016 11:30

I discovered recently there is an office dedicated to 'VAT reinstatements' 0300 057 4828 - maybe they can help?

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