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Would any one have any check lists that they can share?

Would any one have any check lists that they...

Hi All,

I would like to know if anyone would be able to share their firms check lists in any of the following areas, that they use internally and/or for clients:


2) Accounts preparation

3) VAT

4) IR35

I am currently working on updating our existing check lists  and would like to see what others professionals cover in their check lists that they use in their firms, and then working on putting something comprehensive together for staff internally and one for clients to check through.

I would really appreciate any comments and feedback and, would be happy to email anyone personally to request these check list.

Many thanks for your time and hope to hear from you guys soon.


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13th Aug 2011 21:43

Breaching copyright

It is not clear from the post whether you intend them to breach copy right.  Why don't you go the Institute of Chartered Accountants library and ask them - that is free and legal!

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By sharazn
14th Aug 2011 14:58




I wouldn't want anyone to breach their organisations copyright, without gaining permission from the responsible individuals within their organisation, im sure as professionals most of us would know what our responsiblities are, and those that do short fall of this, need to take a good hard look at their policies and moral responsibilities.


I was hoping that those that do decide to respond to this post and dodecide offer any guidance or disclose such information would do so responsiblyand within the code of conduct set out by their organsation.

Im sure their are members within the accounting web circle who are key decision makers and responsibile individuals (sole practioners/directors/partners) who would be able to make that decision and then offer to provide that information without breaching copy right.

As mentioned i was just hoping to pool a few check lists and then spend some time putting several updated and comprehensive check list for our firm. Plagiarism or copy right is something i personally take quite seriously and wouldnt put myself or our firm in a position that could result in serious issues and think everyone else on accounting web would share that view.


Alan, thanks for your reply, much appreciated that you raised this concern.

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14th Aug 2011 20:00


There are checklists for accounts on the 2020 product Forms, Letters and Tools, and PAYE, VAT, income tax and corporation tax checklists on 2020 Tax Tips and Tools.....these are interactive - omitting areas that you tick to be not relevant.



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14th Aug 2011 21:42

try  or 2020 group

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15th Aug 2011 13:28

HMRC's toolkit checklists might be of help too

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15th Aug 2011 15:05

Lots of checklists and guides

are available on my site, some are free view and some are paid for content.

Virtual tax support for accountants:

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By sharazn
16th Aug 2011 18:49

A big thank you to all those who kindly contributed to the post

May i take this opportunity to thank all those who kindly contributed with links and comments.

We are members of 2020 group, and i believe we have downloaded their check lists.

Nicola - I have been to your website and i am signed upto your free news letter and really like what your doing and the content available on it is good.

I will certainly be making use of the links provided :).



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17th Aug 2011 11:18

Not convinced

There are two points of caution to make about this request:

1) Whilst some checklists out there are very similar, the true specialist in a particular area would perhaps have a few different questions to ask that a non specialist wouldn't neccessarily know to ask. Hence why most advisors are reluctant to pass their checklists across for fear of giving away their "trade secrets". IR35 and employment status are two that fit into this category. You can easily spot a non specialist by looking at their initial checklist !

2) Over reliance on checklists is a dangerous game when advising clients. Anyone can run through a checklist, it's knowing what needs to be probed/asked and what to do with the information that is absolutely crucial in getting the right advice to clients. Again, PAYE and IR35 are two areas where we have seen many mistakes being made by non specialists relying too heavily on their checklists - even in the largest of accountancy firms !

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