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Would this be legal for new MTD rules?

Hi Everyone, im a bit confused with the new Making Tax Digital Regulations coming in over the next couple of years, can i please ask if anyone may know if this will be legal,

i currently sell online and all my orders automatically are pulled into my order management system (Non API) which does things i need it to do which the quickfile accounting software intend to use cannot (i have orders coming in from eBay, Amazon, and our own website. Other than ebay, amazon and our website cannot currently automatically bring the sales into quickfile automatically which is why its easier to continue using our order managment software where everything is in one place and manually import them all by CSV), i have just started using quickfile and intend to weekly export my sales orders (Invoices) (which log all the needed information customer, vat ect ect.) from this software (CSV) and import it directly into quickfile, once imported i will then tag the sales so they can clearly be indentified as sales,

my bank records will be pulled in directly from the bank into quickfile,

will this be a legal way to log my accounts and file my VAT Returns / Tax Returns from 2020 onwards (eventually when its the only way)

my mail order software logs and saves all the sales invoices (PDF) before now i have always been using spreadsheets to calculate my returns and log the information, however i cant see this being possible (even with bridging options) as without being able to copy the data and paste it into excel it will become a full time job logging all the sales and purchases on a daily basis manually having to enter them,

and im so sorry for the essay but, if the above is a suitable way to log my taxes (into quickfile csv) can i input a new sales record once a week with the total sales of that week, vat ect ect or would it be advisable to enter each individual invoice into the system either way is not a problem, the weekly option its just less time consuming as theres 600 sales on average a week to input,

thank you


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06th Nov 2018 13:51

What does your accountant say?

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06th Nov 2018 14:18

Just pay the right amount of tax and don't worry about it.

HMRC cannot audit 2.2million VAT registered business for records compliance, they don't have the skills or resources to audit the tax you pay!

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06th Nov 2018 14:27

I assume that the mail order and online parts of the business need to be combined into one VAT return.

The online side sounds fine so long as Quickfile can talk to a spreadsheet either directly or via csv so that you can then add in the mail order side and you have bridging software to submit to HMRC.

The mail order side is more problematical. Can the software not output csv records? If it can, you can then import into a spreadsheet, combine with the online side and submit via bridging software.

I don't think a weekly input sales total will meet the requirements.

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By SXGuy
06th Nov 2018 22:29

If you can export all your sales to csv from wherever they are generated, then there's no issue with recording daily sales in quickfile.

If you need a way to export your sales data to csv from your website I'm sure you can find a developer to code one for you, it wouldn't be hard.

As for quickfile, once all info is imported and reconciled with bank feeds then yes it will file for mtd perfectly fine.

Weekly totals arnt acceptable.

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