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Resignation as accountants

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In the last couple of days I told a brand new client (who we haven't done any work for yet) that he needed to look elsewhere for another accountant after he had become what I can only describe as demanding and impatient. I won't go into details but the final straw came when I talked to him over the phone and he accused me of lying to him. This was the point that I told him that we would not work for him anymore and he needed to find an alternative.

The only things we have done for this client are AML procedures, onboarding the client and getting authorised to file VAT returns on their behalf.

I am inclined to bill them for a nominal admin fee for waisting our time. What are your views about this?

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By ohgoodgodno
03rd Jul 2018 17:17

I wouldnt't bother, they probably wont pay and its a further waste of your time

be happy they have gone and move on

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
03rd Jul 2018 17:18

My view is you can bill what you like but they wont pay.

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Hallerud at Easter
03rd Jul 2018 17:23

They will not pay and unless your engagement letter covers specific charges for these particular tasks (which I suspect it will not) not sure how you would ever successfully chase an action through the courts if push came to shove.

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By Wanderer
03rd Jul 2018 17:26

Don't bother. You will be putting too much effort into what is already a dead horse.
Move on to something more profitable and/or a better use of your time.

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By andy.partridge
03rd Jul 2018 17:31

I wouldn't bother. You will only be prolonging the agony.

Put it down to experience and take grim satisfaction that very soon they will be someone else's problem.

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By carnmores
03rd Jul 2018 17:43

i wouldn't bother you will only get more grief. did you bill him anything at all previously?

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By Accountant A
03rd Jul 2018 18:05

I would have thought billing a "nominal admin fee" would be a further waste of your time.

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By Moonbeam
03rd Jul 2018 18:17

I'm sure I've met your client at some time in the past.
I try not to do much before asking for their first monthly payment before getting going.
I've got a lovely new client whose accounts are late with CoHo etc. I asked him to pay me £100+vat on account before I even issued the Letter of Engagement, but after AML. That way, if he doesn't cough up a large deposit for the accounts, I won't have wasted my time setting up the agent accounts.
As for chasing him for the time taken, you will just get angrier (well I would). Mentally stick him in a dungeon. If he needs any cooperation from you, that's the time to demand money in advance.

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By May bee
04th Jul 2018 08:09

I wouldn't. Focus on the positive fact that you haven't wasted hours more explaining/advising/providing templates etc before getting rid rather than thinking of the hours you have spent. Gotta kiss some frogs!

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By bernard michael
04th Jul 2018 09:26

You'll be wasting your time again

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By memyself-eye
04th Jul 2018 09:58

be glad you didn't do much for him - imagine if you had and he refused to pay.....
besides there is a grim satisfaction in saying to PITA clients '[***] off' or words to that effect!

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By bernard michael
04th Jul 2018 10:12

The fun comes if his new accountant possibly contacts you for clearance

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By Ammie
10th Jul 2018 10:50

The quicker you part company the better. Well worth the forgone fee. Count your blessings.

This type of client is heading for serious trouble finding a reputable accountant.

In my opinion, this type of behaviour often masks and dark secret you nor most would want to be associated with.

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