Would you fly on a Boeing 737 MAX?

Risk Assessment

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Ok, more of a Friday round-the-watercooler question than an accountancy one, although it would be interesting to see if answers indicate accountants to be a care free/ neutral/ risk averse cohort.


What do you reckon then? If you were browsing holidays (but not booked yet) and found one you liked, but it came to your attention that the equipment would be a Boeing 737 MAX, what would you do? Not let it bother you, or start looking for another holiday?!

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24th May 2024 10:32

Yes, no issue.

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By Tom+Cross
24th May 2024 10:36

Been on one. Never gave it a thought.

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By Jason Croke
24th May 2024 11:04

No question that Boeing are in serious trouble (financially and reputationally).

Ignoring the $2.5b penalty/settlement with the US government for fraud and conspiracy (which is now being revisited as Boeing allegedly breached the assurances of that settlement agreement) and the two quality engineers who have committed suicide whilst awaiting to testify in a lawsuit case, the commercial division CEO being ousted and the head CEO stepping down once they find a replacement....yes, everything is fine at Boeing.

I'd certainly fly on European based airlines, it is reassuring that RyanAir have had their engineers on the production line and I am sure silently every other EU carrier has upped their engineering and maintenance teams/schedules and are going every aircraft after each landing, but no-one is going to come out and say they've given their aircraft a double check, safety can make or break an airline and any hints the aircraft might be a bit suss isn't going to please passengers.

Anyone who has read Michaels Crichton's fictional novel "Air Frame" will be aware that counterfeit parts of sub-standard quality can get into the supply line, probably way easier in places where regulation isn't a thing, but I don't believe it would stop me flying on a MAX but it would flash briefly through my mind that I hope the maintenance engineers at Luton are being paid well.

It's a great aircraft, but seems quality control, cost cutting and focus on profit has got in the way (as always). Don't think they really got over the Lion Air crash where all MAX's were grounded due to an alleged software glitch in the autopilot system.

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By Dougscott
24th May 2024 11:38

Yes, no worries (but I'd surreptisciously put an emergency parachute in my hand-luggage).

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By FactChecker
24th May 2024 15:47

Like the aggressive passenger who refused to let cabin staff take his hand luggage, from which there was an audible and ominous ticking.
To lower the tension a stewardess asked "You got a bomb in there then, ha-ha?"
Tension however escalated on passenger's response of "Of course, yes".

After a lot of panic it transpired that his 'bomb' contained no explosive ... and that his logic was "Well the odds of being on a plane with a bomb are reported to be 1 in 10m, but the odds of being on a plane with 2 bombs are closer to 1 in a billion - and I thought I'd improve my odds"!

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Ivor Windybottom
By Ivor Windybottom
24th May 2024 11:52

I didn't realise you could check which type of plane you would be flying with when booking a holiday. I assumed certain routes always used certain planes.

I would definitely avoid a Boeing (not just a 737MAx) if the option was there, but otherwise I'll be happy to take my chances.

Years ago I flew with someone who worked at Rolls Royce aero engines. Out of the window we could see one of his engines - I've never seen anyone so terrified of flying!
Mind you, I don't think it was the engine that worried him, just the thought of flying.

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By Mr_awol
24th May 2024 12:24

TBH my interest in the aircraft type generally revolves around how it will affect my seat selection - if it's an A380 I'll try to get the one in the far right corner upstairs - if downstairs maybe try for 15A or 15K.

I've got a short trip coming up and it'll be an A320 so it almost doesn't matter where im sat, but if it'd have been on a 737 i wouldnt have been cancelling or rebooking

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By WinterDragon
24th May 2024 15:44

I'll be sat with my laptop ready on my favourite investment platform ready to yolo my life savings on Boeing puts should something go wrong. This will at least make it a win-win scenario of either arriving at my destination safely or getting stinking rich (assuming I survive the journey).

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Replying to WinterDragon:
By plummy1
24th May 2024 18:49

I like it. Short Boeing and leave some money to the relatives hopefully. Better to remember to put in a TP though.

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