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Would you join a club .....

.... that would have you as a member?

Didn't find your answer?

Had an email from "K3Hub" who somewhat long windedly say "We aim to create a mutually beneficial partnership in order to ensure your clients continue to receive the high standards they are accustomed to, whilst gaining access to further service channels".

Anyone belong/have any feedback? I find Aweb to be the only exclusive club I need to belong to!


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paddle steamer
11th May 2021 12:37

"I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member."

Edit- Which is not strictly true as I am a member of the Edinburgh Trout Anglers Club ( we want new members if anyone is interested (free advertising) though currently are not very active as our New Town premises are being refurbished) , I used to be a member or MERG (sounds like the enemy of James Bond) and was for a time a member of both RSSOC and The Economic History Review.

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By Hugo Fair
11th May 2021 12:37

Three interesting entries on their website:
1. Membership is free
2. Membership of the hub will be exclusive
3. Under the Insolvency Code of Ethics, we are unable to pay financial incentives for the referral of insolvency assignments

1 and 2 seem to me to be contradictory; whilst 3 indicates an area of interest not aligned to the positive message that "with professional advisers in mind, the hub will provide you with the tools you need to best support your clients and ensure you are up to date with the latest industry developments"?

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By Andy556
11th May 2021 12:40

It's not released yet. It's a new hub and free to join.
Seems like it could be OK for the free resources.
After that it seems like it's just a commission based hub where you recommend your clients to other members who pay you a commission. I guess the hub will take a percentage.

It's a decent sized company, and quite impressively include photo's in their accounts of the shareholders and buildings. But they also submit their accounts with pages scanned in upside down, I bet someone got a telling off for that eventually

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Replying to Andy556:
A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
12th May 2021 10:26

Upside down accounts, isn't that a new requirement of FRS102?

Free membership and no obligations? Sounds like a recipe for attracting a lot of members who generate few referrals.

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