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Wrong link on Companies House article

Wrong link on Companies House article

Some members wanting to know about the new Companies House error-checking regime may have ended up scratching their heads when they clicked the link and ended up at Jennifer Adams' article about AGM rules and procedures instead.

I'm afraid I mistakenly pasted the link to the AGM article into the address space for the headline piece on Companies House. Because Jennifer Adams wrote both, I didn't notice the difference at the checkting stage.

I'm sorry if you've been confused or inconvenienced by the mistake. Here's the correct link: Companies House filing errors: Check and check again.

Community feedback on the appropriate sanctions would be welcomed.


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07th Sep 2011 19:50

SIC codes

I e-mailed an enquiry to Companies House to ask if they would be automatically converting the 4-digit 2003 codes to 5-digit 2007 codes for WebFiling Annual Returns through their website after 1st October, particularly as they seem to have the capability to convert 2007 codes on Annual Returns back to 2003 codes (although why they would want to do this, I have no idea).

The answer was that the 5-digit 2007 codes will have to be input manually, so no help there!

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07th Sep 2011 20:08

The four codes you need

You only need four codes:

69201   Accounting & auditing

69202   Bookkeeping

69203   Tax

99999   Dormant

The clients can do their own companies themselves!

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