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WTE calculation

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A budget includes 2.4 WTE for band 5 (35,000 annual cost), how many band 6 (£45,000 annual cost) could be recruited instead of? (1 WTE=37. 5)

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By tltodman
31st May 2020 16:11

Is this a trick question?
If not, then 1.86
Total budgeted cost = £84k. £84k divided by £45k = 1.86 band 6

Not sure the 1WTE=37.5 is relevant

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Replying to tltodman:
By Tax Dragon
31st May 2020 16:52

tltodman wrote:

Is this a trick question?

No I recognise it. 2 marks, IIRC. Key stage 2 (years 3 to 6).

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