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Xavier Analytics / Dext Precision

Does anyone find this software useful?

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Do any accountants out there find Xavier useful? I have tried playing with it but I am not too sure where it is of any benefit. 

Is anyone else using it and finding that it is giving useful information? 

Usually, I just abandon software if it is not useful, but I have a niggly feeling that I'm missing out on something. 

Maybe its just the accounting version of Pokemon - I'm just too old to understand it. 

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By johnt27
05th Mar 2021 12:25

Yes, very useful (with some caveats).

First, we don't use any of the job management/flow features - we have that covered elsewhere. As a result we tend to put clients on - analyse the data and subsequently remove to save paying £5 per month for each client when not under review.

Our use cases are as follows:
1. We use the transaction volume analytics for pricing our bookkeeping
2. We pre-screen year end work by checking the score on the data hits a particular threshold. This weeds out bad bookkeeping by clients, provides an upsell opportunity and stops us losing time on year end compliance tasks.
3. We offer data checking as a service to new Xero clients - common problems it picks up are VAT issues, inconsistent posting etc which aren't immediately obvious without spending time analysing Xero/QBO data
4. We use it to supplement our audit analytics suite for many of the reasons in 3 above.

One final point, don't beleive the BS you might see from other accountants on LinkedIn crowing about their perfect 100% scores on Xavier. The metrics to generate those scores can be tailored by you to suit your firm, client base and individual client circumstances. So to compare your numbers to another practice is a nonsense.

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