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I am gradually building up our client base on Xero. One area that has just dawned up is that I have not given any thought when a client who uses Xero leaves.

With VT I would have the software all the time and address any queries that may come my way at any stage. I can look at Trial Balance and by clicking the relevant line look at back up information making up the balance. I will not be able to do this with Xero since I would have removed the client from Xero. Is this one of the downsides of cloud based systems?

I would be grateful for comments on housekeeping that I need to follow on Xero before deleting the client from Xero.



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By SteveOH
07th Jul 2012 11:53

I use FreeAgent but I suppose the principle is the same

With FreeAgent, either my client pays the monthly subscription or I do and recharge to the client. Either way, if a client decides to leave then I print CSV files of all the reports that I require; and advise the client that he also does the same.

I wouldn't delete a client file until such time that said client new all the consequences. He would then have the opportunity of taking over the monthly subscription and giving his new accountant online access.

I assume that Xero operates in a similar fashion.

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07th Jul 2012 12:11

Xero subscriptions are transferable

If you have a client on your Xero practice subscription and that client then ceases to be a client of your firm, the client - with your consent - can request that the subscription for their Xero organisation be transferred to someone else; either the client themselves or another Xero friendly accounting firm.

Should the client simply wish to take ownership of the subscription but retain your services, then once the subscription has been transferred the client can simply retain you as an invited user.

Gary Turner
Managing Director, Xero

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07th Jul 2012 12:31

But what if the client doesn't want to use the system?

As with SteveOH I use FreeAgent (Iris Openbooks) but imagine that future clients may be better off with a system such as Xero.

I've had two clients leave us and FreeAgent where they moved to other bookkeeping systems better suited to their new situations.

As Steve mentioned we downloaded a complete data dump into Excel which could be used in the future should the client wish to interrogate historic records and, after 3 months, a minimum notice period clients must give us to leave OpenBooks, we deleted the clients records and freed up the licence for another client.

Would be interested to know whether Xero enables a data dump like this or is historic data only ever accessible via the system?

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07th Jul 2012 14:49

Data export plus read-only access?

Hi folks,

This issue was addressed on Xero Users here:

In reply, Catherine from Xero said:

"As for the data retrieval for a cancelled subscription - it really varies depending on the complexity and time it takes and level of access required - if you drop a note to [email protected] they can work through the options."

I think that this is an issue that needs to be addressed by all SaaS accounting solution providers.

Since the cost of data storage continues to tumble, I think Xero, Freeagent et al could allow read only access without damaging their own business model. Indeed it may give wavering customers the comfort they need to take the plunge?

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07th Jul 2012 15:00

Getting data out of Xero

There are a couple of ways of getting data out of Xero in the event of a client leaving, or where a client just wishes to get their financial data out of Xero because they're moving onto some other system, or no system.

Reports in Xero can be saved in the Microsoft Excel format, so anything the client wished to preserve such as detailed transaction reports, expenses history and bank reconciliations can be extracted as Excel spreadsheets. All the reports available are listed here well as the Financial Adviser user also role having the authority to extract the entire General Ledger data file, a list of the reports you'd need to extract from Xero if you were planning on stopping using it are here.

We intend at some point in the future (not soon, it's not a priority) to create a low cost Read Only subscription plan for situations where a Xero user wished to freeze and archive their Xero organisation indefinitely, whilst retaining the option of unfreezing it at some point in the future.

Gary Turner
Mananging Director, Xero

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07th Jul 2012 17:46

How does client take on subscription?


What are the procedures for a client taking on the subscription themselves instead of the firm being billed under Practice Edition? Do they simply contact Xero and provide new card details?

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07th Jul 2012 17:54

Transfering a Xero practice subscription to client

...requires the consent of the existing subscriber which in a scenario where a client is provided Xero through a practice's Xero Partner Edition, the practice must give its consent before Xero will transfer the subscription to the client.

Thereafter and once the transfer has taken place, the client just needs to create a new billing plan for their organisation.

Gary Turner
Managing Director, Xero

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09th Jul 2012 09:50

Has been addressed but no real solution ...

@Adrian Pearson - yes a solution needs to be looked at by the providers

and interestingly enough none of the providers chose to engage with that thread

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09th Jul 2012 20:47

We'll get there

I never saw that thread.

Offering an ultra low-cost, read only subscription to archived Xero accounting data is definitely something we'll get to in the future, but it's behind a number of other things we're planning on doing first around completing our core, horizontal accounting functionality (sales orders, full stock control etc.) and some new stuff.

Definitely support the call for it, just a case of getting to it.

Gary Turner
Managing Director, Xero

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