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Xero - access yet no access


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My client has invited me to their Xero account. I accessed it briefly for the first & only time last month, after which it disappeared from my list of availale organisations. I contacted client again a few days ago to give me access, at which point she sent me a screenshot showing that still had access. But it's not on my list of organisations to log into.

Anyone had anything similar?

Anyone any suggestions (other than ask Xero, which i've done and are awaiting a response)?



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12th Feb 2019 07:55

My list only shows about 6 organisations but they are all there. Type name in box and it might pop up?

I think the list showing has reduced in past few weeks as I couldnt see one the other day but as I typed first three letters it popped up as an option.

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to Kaylee100
12th Feb 2019 08:39

No, that's the issue - when I type their name, they DON'T appear!!!!!

Super weird

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12th Feb 2019 08:51

Answered ... it turns out that the client had only given the Xero organisation her name, not her company's name!


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