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Xero accounts on MacBook Air

How do you rate Xero accounts for a laptop

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I wish to use a simple accountig package and am looking at Xero.  Are there any obvious drawbacks for a small company


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08th Aug 2018 19:47

Our client uses Xero on Mac and we do the bookkeeping control/corrections from our Win8 or Win10 based PC's and never have been an issue. The only time, I recall, he struggled to change our practice email as Adviser. We resorted in WhatsApp video call and the 'Setting options/Authorise Users' looked somehow different.

We recommend Xero with Bank Feeds for most of our incorporate business clients as it saves us a lot of time and monkey job of analysing paper bank statements.
The alternative is Wave as there is no monthly fee for it but it's not as good at all.

Our practice still uses Sage though as we value the ability to post journals, dealing with monthly DD prepaid fees, Client's accounts,etc. Xero is behind when to comes to 'advance bookkeeping'

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08th Aug 2018 21:09

Xero is perfect for a small company. We are a Mac based practice and have had no issues with Xero on a Mac. No drawbacks that I can see but that is just a general overview. Without more specifics on your business its difficult to tell. Xero is great software but it would be naive to say that it will suit everyone.

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08th Aug 2018 21:21

Many thanks to 'kettering uk' and 'exceljockey' for your swift replies. I had concerns because of review by people using i-phone/android app online use.
its for a small building services co plus its sister co. I imagine I would need to pay for two registrations - any thoughts??

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to Mudweight
09th Aug 2018 06:52

Yes. You would need to subscriptions. However, there is an ongoing offer of 50% off for smaller t/o businesses.

In therory, it's for the companies with t/o less than £50K but no-one checks if the t/o has been reached.

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09th Aug 2018 10:31

Kettering UK, once again thanks. Every little helps as they say and even a small discount will make an annual difference for the smaller co.
Thanks everyone I feel its time 'to take the plunge'

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By Mr Ross
16th Aug 2018 12:13

Xero is a cloud based platform accessible from your web browser. Chrome is Chrome whether used on a Mac or PC.

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16th Aug 2018 16:32

I use Xero on my Macbook most of the time it works exactly the same as it would anywhere else.

Are you maybe getting confused with the Xero App which you can use on your phone or Ipad with reduced functionality.

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16th Aug 2018 17:34

Thanks Mr Ross & Glen Martin.
I believe you are correct about the app being the troublesome element.
I have set up with a new client on the MacBook Air and fingers crossed it seems ok so far. Am waiting for the bank direct feed to kick in and am just trying to see how to load opening balances from a basic spreadsheet. I'll crack that soon I am sure. Its all a long way from old Foulkes Lynch days of double entry and "T" accounts!!

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