Xero and Stripe - anyone know whats going on?

Xero supposed to be taking over Stripe fee billing but can't find details on what this means

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We received an email a while ago advising that the Xero Stripe integration was changing and from Feb the Stripe fees would be billed by Xero. A new account duly got created in Stripe, with a Xero logo on it. But nothing else appears to have changed. All I have found is a short discussion on Xero Central, and I have yet to work out what the implications are for the handful of clients who use Stripe for customer card payments.

Can anyone shed any light?

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By SkyBlue22
05th Mar 2024 15:31

I noticed this the other day. I have stripe attached to my xero already and when a customer made a payment through stripe on my xero invoice, I noticed that it went through the new account rather than the old one. I think in practice it doesn't seem to have changed much other than to move everything over to the new account.

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