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Xero cash coding leave description unchanged rule

Xero cash coding leave description unchanged bank rules

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I have a  bank feed in xero where the  only useful data  that  is pulling  through is the  description  box,

I  am struggling to find how out how to setup a bank ule and leave the description box as it  was per the bank feed - i  am failing the  intelligence  test in that regard miserably.

Note i do have a workaround in that i can  simply can flip the description box into  the reference box - thats not ideal  though as whatever  was in the reference box is lost - normally though having the description details is  more important than the refernce   details forthis  feed.

Some  may say it  doesnt  matter  but i  hate  the current  system where many people who  post to xero seem lose the important details as they are laid  out  on the bank statement and end up with some random  rule based  craopla   instead  that could  literally be  anything.

I simply don't understand why the default isnt that the description is left as it was pre bank rules setup.

Hopefully i am simply missing something silly easy here that can sort. 


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