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Xero Certification

Xero Certification

Does anyone know whether you get a recording of the webinar when doing Xero certification? Given that it's gone up to £149 + VAT it would be useful. Is the online test for certification difficult? I haven't really used it much but have done the few compulsory webinars. Can the test be retaken if by chance one didn't pass it first time? 

I also hear that you only get listed on their site when you have 3 clients on Xero, is this a change? I thought certification/partner programme previously mean automatic listing on their site. surely automatic listing would facilitate getting clients in the first place?


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08th Jul 2012 19:10


I thought they would want you to sign up your own clients rather than rely on people who were interested in the software anyway.

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08th Jul 2012 19:36


Well despite being cloud software, it seems many people still want a local accountant and their partner directory allows search by area. I have seen a few posts by people wanting accountants familiar with Xero as well as other other cloud based packages and being local to where the particular business was located.

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08th Jul 2012 20:18

No change


As far as I'm aware you don't get a recording of the webinar, well it wasn't available when I did it.

Provided you are familiar with how Xero works, have gone through the examples suggested in the webinar and have worked through the examples suggested in the demo mode you should be ok.

You can resit it if necessary.

It has always been the case that you need three clients signed up to Xero before you are listed on their website.


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08th Jul 2012 20:58


The new Certification training module isn't available as a recording but all of the prelim training content is available on demand.

They're all listed here.

The final Certification stage is designed to both train and thoroughly test the knowledge of the people who undertake it, therefore to make it available as a recording would probably undermine the latter objective and we'd be concerned that we could end up with some people falsely presenting themselves online as having completed the necessary training when they hadn't.

So, the Certification training stage isn't mandatory for accountants or bookkeepers who want to work with their clients on Xero - and there are no other costs involved in becoming a Xero Partner, but it is mandatory if individuals or practices want to get listed on our directory of Certified Partners and represent themselves on their websites as Xero Certified with the relevant logos etc.

Once you've been Certified and have a minimum of three clients using Xero, you attain Xero Certified Partner status and we promote you as such on our website.

Gary Turner
Managing Director, Xero

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08th Jul 2012 21:49

Thanks for responses and clarifications. In terms of the recording I was thinking more of a recording of the session attended than a generic recording used for all training. Just thought it might be useful to refer back to the webinar post training if needed.

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