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Xero Corp Tax Amended

How to submit an amended corp tax return

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Hi, can anyone advise how i send an amended Corporation tax return in Xero?

I have previously created the return and submitted it, went back in and amended and when re submitting got an error message saying a return is already received for this period. what am i missing? is there a button i should be ticking to show it is an amended return?

Many Thanks

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By D V Fields
16th Nov 2021 21:45

Do they not have a support desk you can ask?

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Replying to D V Fields:
By BigMuz
17th Nov 2021 05:12

Have you tried contacting their support teams! Totally useless

Much quicker asking fellow accountants on here who will likely have more experience of having to complete the task

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By nrw2
17th Nov 2021 14:17

I haven't used Xero Tax for ~1 year, but when I last used it there was no way of submitting an amended CT return (corroborated by Xero support). This may have since changed (one would hope!).

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