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Xero Customer Statement App

I'm looking for a Xero integrated app to send out customer statements

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Our client wants to send statements to their customers each month broken down between current, 30 days, 60 days & 90 days.  Xero doesn't do this.  Does anyone know an app that does?

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By pjd17mini
14th Jun 2018 11:48

Not sure on the exact functionality, but I chatted with the chaps at Chaser at accountex and the statementing side of things seemed quite comprehensive - may be worth a look.

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Caroline Plumb
By Carolineplumb
14th Jun 2018 13:48

Hi Peter,
Here at Fluidly we don't break it out by days like this, but offer automated customer statements (amount owed, broken now by invoices, ability to add a logo, select day of the month you want the statement sent etc) if that would help? Caroline

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Routemaster image
By tom123
14th Jun 2018 15:28

How on earth has Xero managed to gain such a foothold without doing something this basic?

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