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A client has just signed up to Xero. He has an admin employee and wants her to be able to deal with issuing sales invoices, adding new customers, entering bankings and matching up payments to invoices. Later, maybe other stuff but that's enough for now.

He doesn't want her to be able to see the balance on the bank account, though he's happy for her to see the individual transactions.

What boxes need to be ticked on the permissions ?


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By Matrix
17th Jan 2019 18:22

I am not familiar with Xero permissions but would have thought this is very unlikely. She would need to see the bank statements and account transactions to reconcile to the invoices and there are both these balances on the reconciliation screen.

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By zarar
17th Jan 2019 18:26

No if she is doing bank transactions she will be able to see the bank

If she just did sales invoices it can be restricted

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18th Jan 2019 07:40

She can have access to sales & purchase ledgers (including manually entering payments/receipts against invoices), however bank access (ie the module with the bank feed / reconcilable etc) is all or nothing.

She can’t be restricted to what your client wants. She’ll either see the bank balance, or not be able to allocate payments.

It’s a bit backwards, but the client could download the CSV from the bank, delete the balance column (and any rows he doesn’t want her to see) and she can manually enter receipts / payments from within the sales/purchase invoices.

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18th Jan 2019 11:33

Well, I'm a bit surprised that a sales ledger clerk needs to have access to the whole shebang to do her job.

If Gary Xero still visits here, maybe that's something he ought to look it. It'll certainly affect my thoughts on recommending Xero in future.

Poor stuff.

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to lionofludesch
18th Jan 2019 15:46

As already said the sales ledger clerk can enter on individual sales invoices, that they have been paid on a particular date (or part paid), which bank account and a reference. What they can't do is enter the bank reconciliation part and allocate receipts per the bank statement/bank feed to invoices as this shows the bank balances.

Like to know what software has a bank reconciliation system that does not show the bank balance.

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to david.bransbury
18th Jan 2019 15:53

david.bransbury wrote:

Like to know what software has a bank reconciliation system that does not show the bank balance.

She doesn't need to reconcile the bank. That's somebody else's job.

She just needs a list of bankings.

I'm surprised that that's beyond what's technically possible.

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24th Jan 2019 10:40

Roles and permissions in bookkeeping software is the one area that the two biggest players (Xero & QBO) have yet to tackle properly. I was very impressed with how ClearBooks handled this when I saw a demo a few years ago; from what I recall, it allowed a whole range of granular permissions to be set.

It may be hard to retro-fit into an already fully featured system, but I would like to see the ability to set read/create/edit/delete permissions for any page or transaction. Now that Xero and QBO are advanced systems that handle all of the major bookkeeping functions extremely well, I'd suggest that this is more important than trying to shoehorn other processes (eg tax or workflow management that are handled much better in link-able third party products) into their solutions.

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24th Jan 2019 11:09

As you already have someone doing the bank reconciliation I’d give her accesses to the business & accounting, select invoice only option & then choose sales.

This way she can create invoices and add payments as already mentioned.

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to rayhelmke
24th Jan 2019 12:20

The owner's doing the bank reconciliation.

He was looking for someone to do the spadework.

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