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Xero & Hubdoc

Xero & Hubdoc

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I'm keen to utilise Hubdoc alongside Xero as a replacement for Autoentry in order to keep costs down now that it's a 'free' add on.......possibly more important than ever to be as cost effective as possible......

It seems to work well enough but I am having problems 'inviting' clients to Hubdoc accounts that I have set up. The access level options are 'upload only', 'Standard' and 'Accountant/Bookkeeper'.

My preference for clients is 'upload only' but I get the message 'This user can only be added as an Accountant/Bookkeeper'. 

Does anyone know if this is because I have set these up with the same 'Organisation' email as the one that I am inviting in?


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By exceljockey
07th Apr 2020 18:26

Sorry I don't know the answer to your question but regarding your decision to save costs - has Xero confirmed that HD will always be free? I am reluctant to switch from ReceiptBank and all the hassle that will involve only for Xero to start charging us for HD down the line.

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Replying to exceljockey:
By CWservices6064
07th Apr 2020 18:33

I think they had intending increasing fees by £1 per month for this but then held off.........who knows longer term.

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Stephen Quay
By squay
09th Apr 2020 11:13

There is a Hubdoc training course on the Xero support pages. I seem to remember it contains about 5 segments broken down into a few sub-segments each. I started this course but have not had time to finish it yet. I am sure your problem is covered. If your serious about using Hubdoc and getting clients involved you should complete the course first. It's free and a no brainer.

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