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Xero & Hubdoc Integration for small clients?

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I was wondering if any accountants have used Xero & Hubdoc to automate most of the data entry work smaller cleints (Less than 250k turnover) and if there was any trouble with the onboarding to a more automated system?

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By DKB-Sheffield
20th May 2022 21:07

Perhaps define what you mean by "automation"?

Someone has to put the documents into HubDoc. Someone has to check them and code them up, even if you autopost some (which really keep to simple 'no question' suppliers - VAT and Nominal - such as phone bills).

What you won't have to do is trawl through mountains of paper receipts (assuming the client uploads them, photoraphs them, or sends them to you in electronic format).

Plenty on here use HubDoc and Xero (as well as other cloud integrations) - as do I - and you'll find a huge wealth of answers by searching previous posts (a similar one in the last 24 hours in fact).

As a warning (I hinted at this on another post)... don't take HubDoc as a one-size, fits-all. For some clients it's perfect, for others it may be as bad a fit as buying a Christmas Jumper off eBay!

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Replying to DKB-Sheffield:
23rd May 2022 10:47

Thanks for the answer!

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21st May 2022 10:05

If a client can find a way of making a compete hash of it, they will. This becomes more true, the smaller the client is.

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Replying to JD:
By williams lester accountants
21st May 2022 11:31

That would be a training issue. If you train your clients in what you need them to do, and they still fail to do it correctly, then you remove some of the automation and increase their price accordingly.

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