Xero MFA not working

Xero MFA not working

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Xero MFA not working

I dont get question on my phone.

I don't get an SMS.

I don't get an email.

Xero asked me to tell them my email address for them to resolve the problem.

Just another problem for when they roll out MTD further?

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By Moonbeam
18th Aug 2021 11:14

It can be a right pain, and on occasion I've had to try 5 times using both backup email address or phone.

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By rmillaree
18th Aug 2021 11:18

I use google authenticator and this has never failed once - may be worth a go if other options are less reliable - although it sounds like something is stuck here

are you saying you can't login via the alternative method either - memorable info?

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
18th Aug 2021 11:19

Have you got Xero verify app on your phone?

I use that and have no issues with the MFA

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Replying to Glennzy:
By petersaxton
18th Aug 2021 11:42

I tried that and it worked
Previously it also sent a code to my backup email instead of my main one that I was watching!

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Sarah Douglas - HouseTree Business Ltd
By sarah douglas
18th Aug 2021 12:24

Hi Peter

We use the Auth App on our phone and the Desktop version in case we ever lost our phone. I have attached the link here and I highly recommend it.


We use this for all companies and HMRC that require 2FA . All your companies that you use 2FA for are now in one place. You have a login and password so it means you are not totally reliant on your phone.

2FA will become more popular so it is important they are organized.

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