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Xero MTD VAT Report

240 pages. Must be a shorter option ...?

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I've just sent a client a Xero MTD VAT Return to review & sign. After I sent it, I realised that it was 240 pages long as 1 report contains the VAT summary, the breakdown per box and the 'old' breakdown per tax code.

Surely there must be a way of sending a shorter report; the summary & 1 of the detailed breakdowns, not both?

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By raj1234
24th Jul 2019 14:41

I would just use the good old 'snipping' tool on windows 10 and crop out the summary page and paste it onto word or excel. Save as PDF.

I mean there must be some way xero can allow you to generate the summary page alone, but i was just improvising!

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By Kaylee100
24th Jul 2019 22:09

365 pages here. And the income doesnt list the invoice number.

My client is on accruals basis so I always check all invoice numbers are there. Cant now as the reference detail is shown but not the invoice number.

And the return rarely loads, I get error page. Ive managed it twice but errors at all other times. Xero support get the same, so Im waiting for them to ring me for us to do it together!! Xero support does have a real voice.

Pleased Im doing it now. HMRC should be too as theres a lot of VAT on this one.

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By johnhemming
25th Jul 2019 03:52

Assuming you are using Windows and assuming that the report is a PDF can you not simply load the PDF on your computer and print to PDF the summary page?

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By lionofludesch
25th Jul 2019 09:14

A bit of overkill here .........

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By accountantccole
25th Jul 2019 12:15

Isn't the point of Xero that the client has access (or can have access)? - send the summary page and get them to log in to review the detail prior to approval, which they won't but their choice!

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