Xero now says Register for MTD again

Xero now say Register for MTD when we have submitted VAT returns in the past without issues

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Tried to submit a vat return for MTD in Xero today for a client who is still showing as registered on our ASA account.  But it won't let us submit this way, saying at the top 'Register for MTD.'  Is this something that happens every 18 months or so, if so, what do we need to do to connect it again so that we can submit?  As far as we know nothing has been done with it until we have processed the quarter this time.  The only anomaly was that the last return submitted was up to July 2023, yet when we opened the VAT section, the dates showing in the from and to where in 2019, very strange.

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By Wanderer
07th Dec 2023 03:32

Carolynne wrote:

Is this something that happens every 18 months or so, if so, what do we need to do to connect it again so that we can submit? 

Don't use Xero that much but with other programmes it is done via the software which redirects you to your HMRC log in. Be prepared for intrusive questions and have your PERSONAL NI number, passport and driving licence handy.
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Replying to Wanderer:
By rmillaree
07th Dec 2023 08:14

" Be prepared for intrusive questions"
Yep dont forget the what was the colour of underpants you were wearing the day you first signed up for mtd.

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By Carolynne
07th Dec 2023 09:16

Thanks so much for your responses and a little bit of humour to start the day : - ).

I got a resolve from Xero this morning, and I couldn't believe how simple it was, and never had to do it before.

In the Reports, VAT Returns screen, if you scroll down to the very bottom of all the returns list that you have previously submitted, there is a paragraph in black print, then below that in blue it says to to Vat without MTD (in my case it say Go to Vat with MTD), when I clicked it, it put it straight back where it should be and I was able to submit. They had no idea of why the dates originally had reverted to the year 2019, and I am just happy that a helpful chap called Rohan phoned me from Xero and helped me tremendously this morning.

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By carnmores
07th Dec 2023 10:27

every so often you have to re register its usually every 2 years or there abouts. as well as Qb it also happens on Absolute vat filer

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Replying to carnmores:
By FactChecker
07th Dec 2023 12:35

The requirement to re-register is a (bit of nonsense) imposed by HMRC ... but how well or badly that process is handled is determined by the developer of each piece of software.

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