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Xero Pension submission to NEST

errors that aren't in Xero's guidance ...

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Firstly, let me say that I hate Xero Payroll, but this client has insisted we use it.

All e'ees were manually registered with NEST and previous contribution schedules had been manually uploaded, so this is the first Xero->NEST upload that we've tried. (Reason is that it failed in the past and the staff member deicded that rather than fix the issue she'd sidestep it. Anyway, she's left and I'd prefer to get this linked properly so there's no room for errors.)

I have just tried to submit July's pension report to NEST and of course it's been rejected for 2 reasons:

1. The Xero error report lists the same e'ee twice with the warning IFC02012 (duplicated e'ee). This person was only paid once in the month and is not duplicated on the staff list. I've seen this warning before, when the same NINO had been inputted for 2 different e'ees, which made sense. This does not.

2. Every e'ee has the warning IFC01645 (information doesn't match the schedule). From previous Moneysoft issues, this is normally (always?) if the pay period doesn't match the NEST reference period e.g. calendar month v tax month. I've checked and the Xero pay period (July) matches the NEST schedule period (1 - 31 July).

Xero's list of possible pension rejections lists only 3 possibilities, none of which are the above. Their forum has an unanswered question re IFC01645.


Help. Any ideas?



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By Michael Beaver
05th Aug 2021 14:26

Not sure about the first one, but with the second error make sure that the employees in Xero are set up with the correct NEST Group in the pension page. From memory it's case sensitive.

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Replying to michaelbeaver:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
06th Aug 2021 11:29

Just checked and they all match :(

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By Matrix
05th Aug 2021 17:42

Just file through Nest.

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Replying to Matrix:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
05th Aug 2021 21:56

There’s 28 people on the payroll, I’d prefer not to have to do that every month.

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Replying to atleastisoundknowledgable...:
By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
05th Aug 2021 22:07

The matter of trying to field every ball came up in an earlier thread.

High time we GPs began referring square peg clients on for specialist advice.

Sorry, ALISK, that that doesn't help fix your immediate problem. Maybe it's a medium-term way forward, though.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
06th Aug 2021 11:30

I've manually copied the figures onto Nest :( yet again, disappointed with Xero Payroll.

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Replying to atleastisoundknowledgable...:
By kathyk0410
08th Aug 2021 09:38

I'm not defending Xero payroll as also not a fan, but I think NEST has also changed as we have new errors with API from BP. Mainly on additional employee contributions - though by re-entering the info manually it gets accepted. It was only trial and error that I did this. We have never had an issue before.

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