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Xero stock control and bill of materials

Xero stock control and bill of materials

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A client wishes to switch from a very old version of Sage desktop to Xero.

My understanding is that Xero inventory is very basic and only deals with finished goods. This is fine for most of what my client does although he has a couple of lines which are assembled from parts. On Sage he has used the bill of materials function for this.

It's a small operation with just 2 people so the stock control add ons avaiable for Xero seem way over the top and are pretty expensive.

Can anyone recommend a workaround for Xero? 




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By KrisKros
20th Nov 2018 14:14

I work with a self employed home baker, my approach to her will simply be a straightforward excel system

Initial stock, usage in month for finished/WIP/wastage and closing stock.

The WIP you could setup as a balance sheet code.

Does it require more detail than this? How many different stock items are there?

Would a reasonable epos system be a good solution as these come with stock management and will help track sales, card terminal fees can be as low as 0.35% Dr cards now, so this may be an area for savings, depending on sales level

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By john hextall
21st Nov 2018 14:44

We reluctantly stuck with SAGE for that very reason

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By Kuma 20
25th Jun 2019 14:53

Yes, and it works perfectly.
Add all the components and the finished product to inventory with the price of the product being the total cost of the components.
Create a contact called Internal and a bank called BOM
New sales invoice to Internal with all the bits at cost price, no vat, account BOM (create that too), pay with BOM bank. New Bill with the new product for the total amount also paid BOM. Bottom line = zero, bits out, product in. Save 2 x URLs in browser and click when reqired. Genius.
Sam at Thorne Widgery invented this and whilst a tiny bit long winded, much easier than finding £300 a month for a stock app if you're a small business

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