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Xero users unable to login


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Since 09:25 users have been unable to login and some have tried to reeset their passwords so it will be fun when it comes back. Be even more fun if it doesn't quickly.

Although if you are already logged in it is ok.

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Replying to Moonbeam:
A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
27th Jul 2021 18:45

Is that the old or new normal?

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By Catherine-Xero
29th Jul 2021 17:22

We know the unexpected outage on Tuesday was incredibly disruptive and we take your points about making it more obvious that there was a widespread issue. We use the status page ( to report and track if there is an issue but in this particular instance it was not linked from the login page and we are looking into this.

If you haven't seen it already, there's a post from our leadership on our blog > We're sincerely sorry about the loss of access to Xero for this period of time. Thanks.

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Replying to Catherine-Xero:
By Moonbeam
29th Jul 2021 18:29

Thanks Catherine, but the last thing I would think of doing is logging into your blog, so I've only just clicked on your link just now, and it's 2 days on. Surely an email to all users would have been much more likely to inform more people faster.
The trouble with having a status page is that other software owners call that page something else, or - like HMRC or some of the banks -simply don't own up to there being a problem in the first place.
There's a general reluctance among software providers to be honest and upfront with people about faults on their systems. But we all know these things happen and instead we're left to stew in our own juice when there are problems.

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Replying to Catherine-Xero:
By Slim
29th Jul 2021 19:52

words are cheap maybe we could be compensated?

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