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Xero - volume of transactions

Performance of Xero when dealing with high volume of transactions

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Our company deal with at the moment, 130,000 transactions per year. This is also growing year on year.

I would LOVE to be on the Xero plaform however Xero have advised me that the performance of it will suffer due to the volume of transactions.

Does anyone have any experience with Xero and a similar amount of transactions. Have they come across problems?

Also, does anyone recommend any accountancy packages that can cope with these? 

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By johnt27
17th May 2019 14:18

What about Netsuite?

If you want to try Xero, you could convert your existing Sage data and see how it runs, before fully committing.

You could also look at some of the apps in the ecosystem that allow you to consolidate multiple transactions before posting to Xero.

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By daniel_
20th May 2019 10:32

If you want something that's still cloud but a bit larger volume, perhaps AccountsIQ?

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By jimeth
23rd May 2019 10:42

Trying to use software for a higher volume of transactions than the supplier recommends could end in tears. Implementing a solution which you have already outgrown would not be wise.

Which software to recommend depends on your requirements, including your industry sector.

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By Aqilla Cloud Accounting
23rd May 2019 12:26

You should take a look at Aqilla (

It's a mid market cloud based Finance/ERP solution with no limits at all on transactions, being UK based solution it is listed by HMRC as MTD compliant and also has a UK HQ and Data Centre, which in today's political climate is essential

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Replying to Aqilla Cloud Accounting:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
30th May 2019 18:23

Aqilla Cloud Accounting wrote:

You should take a look at Aqilla (

It’s good manners to admit when self-promoting.

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By Tross
24th May 2019 07:09

I actually asked this very question to some Xero guys yesterday. It would depend on what type of business you're in. If it's wholesale or retail there are plenty of app add ons such as 'Unleashed', 'Cin7' or 'Vend' which can totally decrease your personal touch points with the software. If you're entering every single one of the transactions manually it may well slow down, but I think it's a matter of working how you can save time as if you're entering that many transactions there must be some shortcuts that can be taken to speed up the process!

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By C-A
30th May 2019 15:09

We had exactly the same conversations with Xero 2 to 3 years ago. We, too, have circa 130,000 transactions, and Xero was never going to cope.

At the time, Netsuite was too expensive. We chose Aqilla - it's not the nicest UI in the world, but it copes with those transactions (via an API from another of our systems), and the support is good.

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SimpleBooks London
By Simplebooks
11th Jun 2019 14:17


Have you tried QB online? Though we do not have experience with 130k of transactions but it is worth a try.
Here is a link of what they say:

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