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Xero Vs QB online Vs VT Transaction+

So far I still think neither can beat VTT+

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Hello all, so far we have been using VTT+ withVT Final Accounts, TaxCalc and Moneysoft Payroll and we have been happy. I am particularly impressed by VTT+ and VT in terms of ease of use, speed and flexibility. Clients use VTT+ happily and we email it back and forth.

Some clients are now asking to move to the cloud for their own operational reasons and we would have to accept that or lose them. One client in particular is a gourmet burger restaurant and they now have two franchisees and growing. They would like a cloud system with basic stock management features and invoicing.

We are considering Xero and QBO. I am currently trialling both and have been reading online reviews too. So far I still think neither can beat VTT+ in terms of speed and flexibility. Yes VTT+ does not have bank feeds and cloud access, but we can still import the csv statements quite fast.

I would be very grateful to hear from my fellow practicioners on their first hand experience of either software and for those who have used VTT+, how they compare with VTT+. Also does anybody use Xero and QBO for payroll?

Thanks in advance