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Xerocon 2018

Is it worth it?

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I'm very keen on Xero, I love the software and it's certainly made a lot of my jobs quicker and easier.

I've been receiving emails about Xerocon for London in November 2018. I'd love to go, but at £350 + VAT (£175 + VAT if purchased by 30th April) for a single ticket, it really makes my eyes water. I could understand charging a small amount to cover costs and weed out the no-shows, but £350, come on!

I'd welcome any comments from people who've been in previous years, to help reach a conclusion of whether it's worth it?

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
18th Apr 2018 17:00

Worth going but get the early bird ticket price, i cannot imagine many people pay the £350.

If your heavily using Xero you will get a lot from it although it is costly by the time you tag cost of travel and hotels, lost time etc.

But its an investment in your business/future so worth it.
Also the party is epic and the best function I have ever been to connected to accountancy.

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By Cloudcounter
18th Apr 2018 17:40

The cost of the ticket is a small part of the overall cost - two full days and possibly three out of the office, transport, hotel etc. I've found them a mixed bag in the past with some of the speakers good and some far from good. If there are any Xero product announcements, that information is going to come out anyway.

I've nothing against the party but I wouldn't go because I have better things to do. I do object to it being a non optional part of the cost, however, but comments have fallen on deaf ears.

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By Moonbeam
18th Apr 2018 17:44

I'm just a misery, I know, but I think Xero should be paying me, but I do seem to be in the minority

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By marks
18th Apr 2018 23:29

I went last year as we heavily use Xero but overall wasnt anything great.

For me personally the party was a bit bizarre but then that just my opinion.

I probably wont be going this year as given based in Scotland the additional cost of flights/accommodation and time out of the office makes it an expensive couple of days. If I was based in London I would probably go.

Personally I think you just get as much out of the local roadshows that they do.

Also I thought the way when they announced the updates and said "oh isnt that cool" then were waiting for the crowd to go "oh" and "ah" was a bit sickly.

As we pay about £700 per month to Xero I think we line their pockets enough and should be paying for us to attend XeroCon.

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By In a Daze
18th Apr 2018 23:51

It depends what you expect to get out of it. After all it is a piece of book-keeping software. Probably best spending your money on going to Accountex.

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Replying to In a Daze:
Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
19th Apr 2018 10:13

"It depends what you expect to get out of it."

That's pretty much it, although you also need to think about what you want. I'd also add its not just Xero that are there.

Its a great place to speak to the main vendors/app partners in one location. Also the chance to hear what other accountants are doing.

If you aren't prepared to go to these events with a plan in place rather than just 'rock up and hope for the best' I'd say don't bother.

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
19th Apr 2018 09:40

Depends how you view Xerocon - is it a cost to the business or is it investment in your development.

Even though I've been using Xero since 2010 I'd avoided this type of event in the past.

Last year was the first time I had been and I thought it was excellent. I came away with loads of ideas of how I could improve my practice, some of which I implemented straight away.

If you are the type of accountant who thinks 'I'm doing ok, I don't need to change anything' and isn't prepared to pay for your practice development then more fool you.

If you're the type of accountant who baulks at the cost - way that up against a coaching or marketing session or subscribing to one of these accounting guru's business growth plan.

In my opinion Xerocon is excellent value for money and if I only went to industry event - this would be it.

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Replying to Kent accountant:
Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
19th Apr 2018 16:27

I would mirror Kents comments. I had previously been sceptical bout the event and struggled to justify the cost after hearing a few negatives on AWEB about the apparent cult like event that was Xerocon.

As I was using Xero a lot more I decided to go last year to see what all the fuss is about.

I must say I really enjoyed it, as its so unlike any accounting event I have been to.

For me you get to meet a lot of people who have done really well by offering cloud based services and this is priceless. It confirmed that a lot of what doing was right and I cam away with a lot of ideas on more I could do.

Its also a good time for face to face meetings with accountant managers of both Xero and the Add ons, this gives you the opportunity to push them for more help and support, if you don't ask you don't get.

I think the attendees were described as 2000 of most forward thinking accountants in the UK, which is maybe overkill but it was certainly very vibrant from a networking point of view and came away with some great contacts and ideas.

I know as accountants we always focus on cost and not value (please value pricing boys don't see that as a cry for help Mr Ashford) but 2 days away from the office does wonders for me as I need that every 6 months or so to take my head out of the day to day and do this type of thing as I find it pays huge dividends, you can learn a lot from the people who have signed up 500 clients in 3 years etc. So its a good peer group.

Not sure what would be weird about the party I really enjoyed it, (although I don't get much these days) as good to see every let their hair down and not just be boring accountants, the software lads have been like a shot in the arm for the industry in this respect.

I just hope Kent can work on Mrs Kent to get a pass for the night.
If you are going do your research before and pre arrange some time with the people you want to see before hand as it gets a bit hectic over the 2 days.

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