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Xero/Dear/Magento integration and payments

Advice needed on best option to collect payments for Xero/DEAR inventory/ Magento integration

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My client has integration Xero/Dear Inventory and Magento, which is shopping engine on client's website. 
Once order is placed and payment collected via REALEX application, which is integrated with Magento, order along with the payment is transferred to DEAR inventory, and once DEAR is synchronysed with XERO payments are transferred into Xero.
Theoretically it sounds like is, and should be very easy and seamless process, my client however is complaining that application of Realex payments to invoices (online order invoices only) on Xero takes way too much time and if they were to achieve online turnover they are striving to achieve, payments handling will become too big of a burden. 

Clearly there are trades dealing with similar integrations, selling hundreds or thousand units of products a day, and i assume do not experience problems as my client say they are experiencing. 

Has somebody dealt with similar issues, and have advice on it, or perhaps somebody could advice on better alternative of payment collection?

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By mg200
23rd Jul 2018 11:44

For the Ecommerce/Inventory environment that you are describing I use Brightpearl. It is probably going to end up more expensive how the time saving should be huge.

Manually applying payments (receipts) is not going to be feasible.

Brightpearl was created to work with Magento from the beginning and although I do not know Realex, it works well with SagePay or Braintree and no doubt many others.

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By Suntree
24th Jul 2018 14:54

Thank you very much for advice.

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