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Year end processing in Sage - correction

How to process a prior year, year end, that has been missed by previous accountant

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I have recently taken on a new client, who uses Sage to process their bookkeeping.  Having started the year end work for their 2018 year end, it appears that the previous accountant firstly hasn't posted any accounting adjustments to Sage, hasn't checked that the bank was reconciled, and hasn't run the year end procedure for 2017.  Does anyone have any advise on how to rectify this, or am I better off ignoring what is showing on Sage, using the TB received from the previous accountant (not a Sage TB) as an opening TB and starting a fresh?

Any thoughts or advise would be gratefully received.


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By landscaper
18th Jun 2019 16:00

Just run the year end for 2017?

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By stepurhan
18th Jun 2019 16:59

They are presumably going to carry on using Sage. Therefore Sage needs correcting.

Unless there is some complication you've missed, you just need to do the year end procedures the previous accountant hasn't.

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By Jan CM
19th Jun 2019 10:14

Thanks all for your replies. I need to log back into the system, as I don't believe any accounting journals have been entered for some time.... there are bank accounts not included on Sage, and so it's very messy. I'll look to close 2017 and see where that brings me. I expect I will need to post a number of opening balance journals to bring it in line with the prior year accounts.
I'm tempted to steer the client either away from Sage (I am not a fan, compared to other packages available), or start a fresh on Sage.

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