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Yearly Forms for HMRC

Yearly Forms for HMRC

Hi Everyone,

I have recently launched my own business (in November).

I am a registered LTD company and I do not currently employ anyone (including myself). I have been doing the background work and it is not until the next financial year that I will begin to pay for things. I am just wondering what forms I need to fill in, in order to keep the company running and be compliant.

Kind Regards,



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By puzzel
04th Apr 2012 12:37

You would be better off

appointing an accountant who can deal with all of the paperwork and deadlines, leaving you to run the business.

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By zebaa
04th Apr 2012 13:54


It depends on the trade, but assuming it is something usual* here is a starter:

Also there is companies house, with the yearly return & accounts, see here

*There are also special extras for construction firms, just for example. If you want to give more information I could perhaps point you to other help.


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By pauld
04th Apr 2012 17:25

couple of things

When the company begins to trade i.e. receives income, you should notify HMRC of the date the trade started by completing form CT41g. 

Look up your company on the companies house website and see when the first accounts are due and when the annual return is due.

Apart from that, keep a record of all your expenses.

When you start to trade, speak to an accountant = usually first meeting free of charge.



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