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years of unpaid taxes

years of unpaid taxes

i am in a complete mess

after having a breakdown i have not paid or filed my taxes for around 6 yrs although now i have been employed for over a year

obviously i have a lot of fines etc for not filing my tax returns

i no longer have all the paperwork to prove my incomings and out goings although i have most of bank statements

my income didnt really change a great deal during this time if anything it decreased a little

so my hope is that someone can give me advice on how to calculate what i owe etc

at the moment i am not earning very much and feel i may have to go bankrupt but i really need to know what i owe

many thanks


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07th Feb 2013 18:50

I'm afraid

You are unlikely to receive any help from a standard firm of accountants without first paying a substantial sum of money on account of fees you will owe. Cruel I know, but they are in business.

Maybe you should contact a Charity such as Tax Aid.

Good luck.


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