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Yell, BT or Access Web

Yell, BT or Access Web

I'm looking at the options for a website but i'm not sure who to go with. I've limited it down to 3 companies and wondered if anybody else had experience of these companies. Any other companies you can recommend would be great too!

The three companies are Yell (, BT ( and Access web (

I've heard of Yell and BT but were recommended Access web. The cost isn't everything but for the three it's:

Yell: £150 +20 monthly fee

BT: £1,000 per month + £15 monthly

Access: £250 (£40 annual renewal charge). Potentially £0... not quiet sure.

My concerns 

It seems like a no-brainer but I have a concern. I was recommended Access web solutions by an associate who recommends them for his clients who need a  website. The Access blog says it's doing a £0 website design for accountants or a client till Christmas but I've not heard of them before, other than from a lose acquaintance, and i'd be concerned they'd expect me to recommend clients, which if they were good i'd do but if not I'm not going to!

E.g. A free website is great but if I'm being recruited for their sales team I'm less convinced!

I know a lot of accountants have websites. Have you any experience of a good website company?

Thanks friends.



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16th Nov 2012 13:24

Another, possibly, better Web Design option

I would definitley not recommend Yell. As recently as this week, a Yell user came to us asking us to maintain and host their website for them. Reason; poor response times of Yell when updates needed to Website. There is a lot to learn about owning a website if you want it to help the business. It is more than just putting a couple of pages online. Good, timely impartial advice/support is important.

We enjoy helping others and always keen to offer free advice, therefore, please do not take this reply as a means of plugging our services. We work closely with small to medium sized Practices and have a range of Accountant Web Design services to suit all budgets. You can learn more at

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19th Nov 2012 10:01


Hi there,

Thanks very much. I think Yell looks terrible and can't understand why anybody would use them! It seems a false economy, however, I appreciate it must work for some people.

I'm going to do a little research into company websites. My previous experience suggests they usually cost C. £1,000 but I'd be looking to have access to the content so I could make my own changes, so I know this can be a little more expensive.

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23rd Nov 2012 15:13

Hannah - BT marketing solutions

Hello Steve, I work for the marketing team at BT websites. I am across your article as I am doing some research for within the accounting sector.

When researching what company to go with, in building your company's website can be very difficult as it's very competitive, and our industry always stipulate very clearly what they are offering. My work email address is [email protected] please feel free to email any questions you may have. The price you referred to on what BT was offering, e suggest to me that you were looking at our Weblive complete package We do offer various different packages; it is all dependent on what you want. Ultimately you need to go with a company you feel is right for your business. I am happy to give you some help with a salesy or hidden agenda




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