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Anyone used as a marketing tool?

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Had a call from one of the salespeople, trying to convince me to turn my marketing to them.

They tried to convince me the yell listing on page 1 is more effective than organic SEO growth

Anyone got any experiences of this. The price they quoted me was around £200+vat including the connect service.

Thanks all.

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By Les Howard
08th Sep 2017 13:55

Like many others, I stopped using Yell years ago.

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By tom123
08th Sep 2017 14:29

I assumed it had long since died -

I remember the days when you tended to have non geographic numbers listed in various editions.

Not sure how much business we ever got though.

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08th Sep 2017 14:51

the yell listing is always position '1' under the Adwords though on any organic search on Google so its surprising its not more effective...not sure why that would be

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By Glenn Martin
08th Sep 2017 15:51

Just take the free listing, the guy who did my website said it does help with SEO cannot say anyone has found me via

I wouldn't pay to be on it as they are a spent force now, as i see the paper version as now been put to bed for ever now also.

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By Tim Vane
08th Sep 2017 15:54

When was the last time anybody used yell to find anything? The only way any body would know it was even still around is because they keep trying to convince businesses to sign up.

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Replying to Tim Vane:
By Tax Dragon
11th Sep 2017 08:59

I recently have (ie less than two weeks ago) and will continue so to do, so long as it finds me what I want better than the alternatives (which of course I also use).

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By Counting numbers
11th Sep 2017 13:30

Add your company under the free business listing. As Glennzy says it’ll help with SEO. I don’t think it’s worth paying for a listing. Nobody uses it anymore.

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By bendybod
12th Sep 2017 10:22

I use the free listing but nothing more as, along with several here, it seems, don't believe that people search through specifically.

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By Alex_T
12th Sep 2017 12:22

It goes straight in the recycle bin.

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By Alonicus
12th Sep 2017 16:43 is different to the actual Yellow Pages, although it's owned by the same organisation. It's the online directory, and usually produces results fairly high up Google organic search results.

It's hard to get data on any additional revenue it's delivered to me. But it certainly has helped me to get found. By call centres in India, dodgy chaps offering me stocks and shares in companies I've never heard of, people trying to persuade me to get a new web design, and companies doing wonderful charity calendars for the Fire Brigade.

I don't recall any actual customers calling up and saying they got my number from

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