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yet another accounting system required!

yet another accounting system required!

I have 2 clients with turnover of less than £1 million but very high volumns of sales transactions. Are there any systems that can intergrate the sale invoicing function without hugh amounts of set up time?
Paul Green


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16th Dec 2003 23:18

Sage Line 50
Sage would do perfectly well here, I think.

Line 50 has a menu option File - Import. You can import invoices through the "Audit Trail Transactions" option.

There's a Help button "Import File Details" which tells you the format required for each import file.

I suggest you tell your clients to make a list in EXcel of the month's invoices, using the same fields as specified by Sage.

Then save the Excel file in CSV format. Then try importing it into Sage.

I haven't actually tried it myself but in theory it looks fairly straightforward.

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12th Dec 2003 18:33

so many choices
2 very different clients

Client A = Nursing agency invoicing from time sheets to final user. Approximately 300 - 400 invoices per month. Small number of clients about 15. Currently preparing invoices on excel. Invoives are wage cost + commission so not standard units

Client B = B2B computer services. Clients paying on standing order. Again currently preparing on excel Again upto 500 invoices per month. Small value high volumn can be said to be standard units

All comments welcome

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12th Dec 2003 00:29

Importing sales invoice records
When you say "integrate" does this mean that your customers want to continue using their current sales invoicing software and export the invoices into a back-end accounts package?

If it does, then Line 50 is pretty good at this - see the File - Import menu. All you have to do is to ask the vendors of the invoicing software to output the sales invoices in the Sage csv format.

Another possibility is to use TAS Books with the sales import facility from Infoplex. This can also automatically import any new customer records., tel 01592-598100, contact Mark Ramsay.

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12th Dec 2003 16:25

more answers than invoices!
everybody has had a pop at this so i will as well. lets try and establish a few more facts

1) how many transactions are you actually talking about

2) how at present are the invoices prepared

3) what software is used for the accounts

when we know these answers i think that we will be able to provide you with further and better solutions

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05th Dec 2003 18:04

Thank you all very much for all your comments. i'm happy so many of you still have time in between Xmas parties and Tax returns to bother!

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06th Dec 2003 11:29

Pastel Patner 2004
Pastel Partner 2004 is capable of handling relatively high volumes of sales orders, is easy to set up and provides the integration you require.

It has a SQL back-end, making it robust and quick.

It is also supplied as standard with multi-currency and multi-company if this is a requirement.

Cost wise, it starts at around £600 for a single user (plus VAT and support).

Contact me at email address: [email protected] or on telephone 0845 166 5777 if you want to discuss in more detail.

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04th Dec 2003 14:06

David Carter guides
Paul - available on AccountingWEB are a series of guides covering leading Accounting Software packages. For more information take a look at: David Carter reviews

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05th Dec 2003 08:25

A high percentage of accountants recommend Sage
All the facts are there and Line 50 will do all that your business requires regarding volume invoicing and quick setup.
To find out more, please contact me directly, I will be happy to send you details of this market leading solution.
[email protected]

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By eteck
05th Dec 2003 08:39

Encore from Anagram Systems - very good
Encore from Anagram Systems is certainly worth looking at. Inutative, simple to set up and easy to use with loads of functionality.

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05th Dec 2003 09:51

QuickBooks fits the bill
QuickBooks is a very easy to use and set up. The turnover is no problem. The only limiting factor is a maximum number of customers of 14,500.
Please contact me fo further information.

Nigel Reese
member of the Professional Advisor Panel

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By cbales
04th Dec 2003 18:50

Checked out QuickBooks yet?

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By jacp400
05th Dec 2003 16:23

A few selections for you
Hi Paul

As per my answer in a previous question, there are four main solutions in the mid-market. They are:

* Sage Line 100 (now called MMS)
* Pegasus Opera II
* Access Accounts
* Exchequer

Lots of transactions means a database that can cope. I would from the above list look at Access Accounts or Exchequer as they can both be run on Microsoft SQL server.

Pegasus Opera II will also cope with large numbers and the Sales Order function is very flexible, even allowing you to leave the order screen open and half way through a posting while opening any other window(s) to perform another task.

We can provide Access or Pegasus nationwide, we also work with a Sage reseller that can do the same.

PS A word of warning, it's true that many accountants do recommend Sage however they normally recommend line 50 which will most likely not be up to the job given that transactions are stored in a single datafile.

Give me a call or email if you'd like to investigate any of these solutions.

I look forward to hearing from you.


John Clough
Numerica Business Services
Tel: 023 8070 2345
[email protected]

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By dclark
05th Dec 2003 15:12

More info

Many good products listed, but can you expand a little to help. There are many questions to ask, but a few are:

1 How many is "a large number"
- it is quite conveivable that all the systems mentioned can deal technically with the volume, but not in practical terms with 8 concurrent users plugging away putting in sales orders, etc. Good handling of heavy multi user access could be key. 500 transactions a week equates to about £40 per sale. Is that close ?

2 What is the main process
are these clients in a sales order-despatch-invoice type of process where customers ring in or does the data come via a website. Each presents its own challenges and can point to different solutions

3 "Integrate a sales invoicing solution"
do they have something already or are you asking, could a new system do this...and then the accounting

Please get in touch. We have done exactly as you ask for a number of clients. Depends what you want as to which solution is best

Kind Regards

Daniel Clark
Ryba Macaulay Ltd
[email protected]

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