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yet another issue with Sage cloud

journals not working

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Two different clients this morning where I have posted journals, the results of which show in the P&L report but do not show at all on either the Balance Sheet report or the TB, I thought I was going mad until the same thing happened with another client.

Anyone else had the same issue?

Every week there is another issue with Sage

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By Chris Downing
12th Jan 2022 08:29

The mind boggles as to how this is even possible!

Happy to have a chat, just email me at [email protected]

Chris Downing
Director for Accountants | Sage

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Replying to Chris Downing:
By Winnie Wiggleroom
12th Jan 2022 14:07

I had to check it myself a number of times, changed browsers, restarted the computer etc and the reports were definitely not working correctly, and whats more not agreeing with each other.

I emailed support first thing this morning and as I type this I have had no response, however having just run the reports again they are now correct.

As you say, the mind boggles!

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