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Yet another scam for your clients to be aware of.

Beware of yet another "government department" scam.

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Your license need to be renew !

TV Licensing<[email protected]>

25/4/2019 09:48



 Date: 25/04/2019                           
We are having problems to receive your new upcoming direct debit. For this reason, your service could be suspended and you should expect a visit from an enforcement officer.Please visit our Account Information page by clicking here 

in order to avoid any interruption to your services, Stop a visit before its too late.


Thanks very much, 
Online Team 
TV-License Support

Replies (11)

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By memyself-eye
25th Apr 2019 14:37

I too am having 'problems to receive'
Not even original, this one.

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By jon_griffey
25th Apr 2019 14:47

I am aware of a recent case where a client was telephoned by 'HMRC' demanding to know why they hadn't paid the corporation tax - and gave the chastened client the account details so they could pay it straight away. It seems that scammers had gone to Companies House, counted 9 months and a few days from the accounting date and phoned the client - who knew that they had corporation tax that was overdue by a few days and had no reason therefore to think the call was not genuine and so fell for it.

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By lionofludesch
25th Apr 2019 14:51

Can't even spell "licence".

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By SteLacca
25th Apr 2019 15:47

I don't possess a TV, so job done in my case.

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By Accountant A
25th Apr 2019 15:55

Retired Dave wrote:

   For this reason, your service could be suspended

I like the idea that your TV stops working if you don't pay your licence!

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By John Stone
25th Apr 2019 16:45

Much more important Dave - The play-off dream is still on. Lets hope that (unlike at Leeds and Sheff United) they turn up at Bristol on Saturday.

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Replying to John Stone:
By Retired Dave
25th Apr 2019 19:24

"Dream"? More like a nightmare. In the unlikely event that they are promoted we will be humiliated, unless someone who owns half of Kuwait decides to buy the club. After 50+ years of supporting them I'm reconciled to the fact that we had a couple of great years under Clough and that is the only glory I will live long enough to see.

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Replying to Retired Dave:
By Rammstein1
26th Apr 2019 10:30

Have faith in Frank! If we got Tomori, Wilson and Mount on loan next year, we would have a chance if we could add a few more.

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Replying to Retired Dave:
By John Stone
26th Apr 2019 15:24

I think you and I might be roughly the same vintage. Bill Curry scored a hat-trick and Reg Matthews was in goal in the first match I saw at the BBG. Bear in mind though that we had a few decent years when we went up under Jim Smith (Wanchope, Poom, Eranio, Stimac etc. - not a bad side). First hurdle - Bristol City then - potentially - old friends Leeds in the play-offs! Or is just wishful thinking?

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By memyself-eye
25th Apr 2019 17:45

How much Corporation tax?

As the robber says in Dirty Harry
"Ah needs to know...."

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By stepurhan
26th Apr 2019 08:54

Is it a sad indictment of the current state of HMRC that I half expected this query to be about a new "scam" operated by said government department?

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