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Control Over Client Queries Emails

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I am looking for control over increasing number of client queries emails. I am thinking about Zendesk or similar helpdesk software.

Here are my early stage thoughts on how it would work: 

  1. Receipt of client emails: Trigger Auto Responder will state - Emailed received. Respond within 48 hours. If research required will let you know, will take longer. 
  2. Store up stock answers (templates) - eg Dividend and Salary, When tax return due. How should I pay income tax etc. Easy access time savings. Faster response time. 
  3.  Emails are not missed. Also, assess our speed of response.

We have not used customer service (helpdesk) software before. If you have used it in a small practice, it would be great to hear your experience. Would it work for a small accountancy practice? 






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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
16th Mar 2017 11:35

1. I tend to dislike using auto-responders, except for things like holiday notifications, as it feels a little impersonal. Why not just assess each e-mail indvidually, respond to the quick and easy e-mails straight away and say that you will get back in x days for the more tricky ones?

2. Apart from "how much dividend can I take" this time of year, I personally don't have too many standard questions that could be answered with stock replies. It is also quite irritating to receive what is clearly a stock reply that doesn't fully answer the question.

3. I just keep my incoming e-mails in an inbox and move them out when answered. If the inbox starts getting big (more than say 20 messages) then I just need to devote more time to answering them.

I suspect the real solution to the underlying problem is to hire another experienced person who can deal with these technical issues. As you want to ramp up your marketing, these issues will surely increase.

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By Neophyte
16th Mar 2017 17:49

Zendesk is a great product. How are you planning to intergrate it with PM etc? As per Locutus I would never use autoresponders to clients as I don't think it adds any value.

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By redman7
17th Mar 2017 09:55

We don't use auto responders, I don't like them.

However we use HelpScout for our helpdesk email - it has been brilliant - we are only a 3 person practice but it has really helped.

Being able to assign emails between us is great and the saved template emails are a god send

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Replying to redman7:
By FirstTab
17th Mar 2017 13:24

Thanks redman7. Based on your feedback, we are very likely to go with HelpScout.

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By Counting numbers
20th Mar 2017 13:02

Used it about 5 years ago. It is good for a small practice. Don’t have experience of any alternative.

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