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.zip software

.zip software

am looking for a bit of freeware in this area

have used something in the past - but it always seems to have a 30day usage, and requires unmanagable removing and re downloading to 'work'

so grateful for comments on what is being used to compress[zip] files / backup + compress workfiles etc and of freeware which does not get timed out


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02nd Aug 2012 10:32

7-zip is free (or used to be free), and does the job, but Windows has built in zip software these days.

Just highlight the files (or folder), right-click, and select 'send to', then select 'compressed folder'.

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02nd Aug 2012 11:04

If you have to use .ZIP ...

As opposed to a better scheme like .RAR, then I'd also vote for 7-Zip which remains open source . The interface is a bit weird compared to what you may be used to, though.

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02nd Aug 2012 11:14

Depends what you are using it for but Windows is pretty good with a simple right click and send to option.  If you need batching etc then have a look at 7-zip

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