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Zoho Experiences

Does anyone use Zoho / have knowledge of it?

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Client who has a lot of overseas sales is looking to use Zoho to do their bookkeeping on. Does anyone have any experience of it? They will need it to deal with USD and EUR bank accounts, and foreign sales / purchases.

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By johnt27
07th Feb 2020 11:18

Zoho is ok. Not as good as Xero/QBO IMO.

It's a very modular system and has a lot of connections, particularly for US products, as their background is CRM.

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By SimonStone
07th Feb 2020 15:43

I had one client using Zoho - I persuaded them to switch to Xero, which seemed much better.

As johnt27 says, it's ok, if a little clunky to get around imo.

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