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BTCSoftware develops feature-rich and cost-effective software products that make life easier and more rewarding for accounting professionals. Our abiding ethos is that quality, practice grade software should never be expensive.

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BTCSoftware Xero Integration

This video shows how we integrate with Xero. It explains the two way API link: ability to import the Trial Balance from Xero into BTCSoftware's Accounts Production and exporting any Journal Adjustments back into Xero.

Event Management in Practice Manager

This demonstration explains how to manage deadlines for tasks from within the BTC Solution Centre. It demonstrates how to set-up an existing event with reminders, how to reoccur the event automatically and how to manage this event within our reports. It then explains how to set-up a new event in our software which can then also be managed

Preparing and managing an Individual Tax return

This video demonstrates the preparation of a straightforward individual Tax return, illustrating the steps from creation to submission to HMRC and also describes how the various stages of the process may be managed and tracked through Practice Manager.

Accounts Production: Entering Officer Data

The video demonstrates the use of the Officer Data dialogue box when preparing a set of limited company accounts with Accounts Production [AP] Solution. The Officer Data dialogue box is used to record details of the various transactions with directors that are required to be disclosed under UK GAAP and ensures that they will appear correctly in the financial accounts.

Data Import and Client Types you can work with

BTCSoftware Tabs explained

Creating and tracking events in Practice Management

BTCSoftware: Tax and Accounts Production Demo