2013 Review: Banks in crisis

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The past 12 months has been another turbulent period for British banks with scandal after scandal plaguing the sector.

Despite encouraging signs of recovery in the wider economy, 2013 was another damaging year for the reputation of banks, which seemed to worsen as the year went on.

The interest rate swaps scandal was the first to set in back in January.

After MP Guto Bebb blasted...

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    30th Dec 2013 10:02

    As a shareholder in Lloyds....

    A soon to be pensioner with HSBC and a (new) business customer of the Co-Op I have found them ok and annoying in equal measure but I don't borrow and keep healthy credit balances on our business and personal accounts. On a personal level First Direct (HSBC) - with whom we have banked for eons - are good. HSBC on line business banking were also good until they decided to charge me monthly fees to keep an £18k credit balance - hence the move to Co-Op  on line bank (brave decision that). The transfer went smoothly enough. Lloyds will be sold back to the private sector and as the country's largest mortgage lender, has a sound future. As I bought in at around 65p a share, I'm looking forward to both dividends and capital gain.

    Banks are a bit  like the NHS - no matter how bad they are we can't live without them.

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