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Accountant sues former employer Ultimo

20th Feb 2014
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An accountant and former employee of lingerie company MJM international (now Ultimo Brands International) is suing his ex-employer for constructive dismissal and is seeking £20,000 compensation after claiming he quit due to stress.

Hugh McGinley told an employment tribunal in Glasgow this week that he left after MJM International director and founder Michelle Mone failed to replace the finance director after he left.

Ultimo is a popular lingerie brand based in Glasgow. The company was formed by Mone and her husband Michael in 1996 and has since risen to prominence with endorsements with celebrities such as Rachel Hunter and Abbey Clancy. 

The firm was taken over by major lingerie company MAS in February last year.

The accountant had left the company in March 2013 after Ms Mone and her husband Michael Mone parted ways as business partners, the Herald Scotland reported.

Ms Mone substantially increased his workload by bombarding him with emails after the company’s financial situation declined, McGinley claimed in court.

The accountant had worked at MJM for six years and previously had corresponded with Mone eight times in 10 months via email.

But this rose to 400 emails in four months when the company ran into financial difficulties at the end of 2012 and faced acquisition, the Herald reported.

He added that while most of the “urgent” emails related to the finance issues, some of them were trivial and detracted from his more important work.

According to the Herald: “One email from Michelle Mone on 21 January 2013 was a request for the Costco membership to be renewed.

“Previously there had been six employees on the card. She said the only people to be on it were to be her and her mother. This took me away from my time and efforts to produce information in a timely manner during the takeover,” the accountant said.

McGinley said the pressure on him increased when his line manager, Michelle's husband Michael Mone, broke up both their personal and professional relationship.

Michael Mone left the company in February 2013. Michelle did not want the accountant to divulge financial information to Mr Mone and asked for information he had already given.

The tribunal continues.


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Sarah Douglas - HouseTree Business Ltd
By sarah douglas
21st Feb 2014 13:40

The Mones

   I glad he is suing her.  I hope he wins.

As far as I know they have been in court quite a few times over the years in Glasgow.      Most people find it strange she is given so much airtime.   She has not go a good reputation for the way she treats women in Scotland .  She clearly is the same towards men. 


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the sea otter
By memyself-eye
21st Feb 2014 15:48

He's not asking for much

If he'd been a copper 'wot was taken the mick out of'  he would have trousered £400K !

I'm thinking of applying to the boys in blue - their B&Q division for staff over 50.Then I can arrest an elderly motorist, smash open his car window, claim my fellow rozzers were extracting the Michael and retire....

That's the plan. :)


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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
21st Feb 2014 16:26

its quite Ironic

that he feels he got a lack of support from his employer.

When they make Bra's.

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By Sheepy306
23rd Feb 2014 12:50

I hope he's got a stronger case than 'I received 5 emails per day from my boss' and 'I had to renew the costco membership'. Would be good to hear both sides of the story.

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By KWest
24th Feb 2014 11:13


He deserves to win. This sounds like a classic case of trying to shoot the messenger.

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