Auto-enrolment: Getting down to the minutiae

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Robert Lovell
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By now most small businesses will be aware that auto-enrolment means eventually nearly all employees will automatically become members of a pension scheme through work.

Following a ‘trouble spots’ feature looking at the bigger picture issues, which found companies need at least 18 months of preparation to deal with the complexities, we’ve drilled down to the minutiae of the initiative.

AccountingWEB caught up with Graham Poulteney, a pensions consultant at Broadstone, who identified some of the “nitty gritty” issues for small businesses.

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  • Middleware
  • Payroll providers
  • Foreign nationals


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23rd Nov 2012 15:06


We keep hearing people say "payroll providers aren't ready" with regards to AE but that's something of a simplification.

Payroll system providers make facilities available in a timely manner for their clients, which in the case of AE isn't necessarily any time soon.

So, the company I work for didn't have a solution ready for October, but that's because we don't have any clients with a staging date until early next year and we planned our development around making sure they'll be supported at that point.

Providers whose customer base is organisations with less than 50 employees probably won't have anyone with a staging date this side of mid-2015. It's perhaps hardly surprising that most of these haven't provided a solution at the moment, getting on for three years before anyone will require it.

Employers certainly need to ask their provider about their plans, but also bear in mind the date when support will actually be required!

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By aburt01
29th Nov 2012 11:08

All companies were affected from October 2012

.. with regard certain employment rights for employees and new starters.

The payroll / pension deduction function needs to be in place by the staging date, and as stated by others, for small organisations this can be years from now.   

N.B. Some organisations have decided to comply earlier than their staging date.


There is much to take in - payroll is but a part of the story. 

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