Auto-enrolment: Trouble spots

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Companies need to allow at least 18 months of preparation to deal with the complexities of automatic enrolment, according to NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) chief executive Tim Jones.

Speaking at the NAPF (National Association of Pension Funds) conference in Liverpool last week, Jones said some major employers found it had taken them two years to respond to their duties.

“Pensions are complicated and employers are struggling... we need to get people on board as soon as possible” Jones said. “In summer 2014, 25,000 employers are due to start auto enrolling employees via 30,000 PAYE schemes.”

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    23rd Oct 2012 17:03

    Are your numbers correct?

    As far as I am aware it was only for employers with more than 120,000 employees at 1 October not 5,000.

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    24th Oct 2012 12:38

    small firms

    Am I the only person who is wondering how can it be fair for the smallest employers to be potentially forced to pay for employee pensions when they may not be able to afford to pay for their own! 

    Can someone tell me how many small traders have no pension provision whatsoever, and will still have none when these measure are fully implemented?

    This is yet another reason why I will never employ any staff!

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    25th Oct 2012 11:45


    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for pointing that out - I've amended the article now. Here's the full list of staging dates.

    Thanks, Rob

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