Book review: Templeton's Way with Money

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Templeton's Way with Money starts off on a promising note for those of you who have no idea who John Templeton was, explains Eve Newell.

It provides a brief autobiography of the man and describes his upbringing, and the challenges he faced in his early life in financing his education at Yale and Oxford where he won a Rhodes Scholarship.

John Templeton, apart from being a legendary investor, was also a deeply religious man and extremely charitable. He founded the Templeton Foundation which continues to this day in supporting good causes and he was given a knighthood by the Queen in 1987 for many years of charitable work.

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30th May 2012 20:45

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Very Useful topic.

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By chatman
08th Jun 2012 11:27

Religion and Money

"behind the quiet, religious, happily married, thrifty man was a razor sharp brain that knew how to turn $100,000 into $10m, $20m or more"

Surely the ability to generate huge amounts of money was not "behind" his ability to make money. Religion is a massive money spinner.

I would have said "behind the quiet, happily married, thrifty man was a religious brain that knew how to turn $100,000 into $10m, $20m or more"

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