Budget 2007: Car benefit and fuel benefit tax

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These amounts are set well in advance, and in the last Budget, the Chancellor announced that from 6 April 2008 the average company car driver would pay a little more tax on his company car as a result of the reduction in the lowest emissions on the car benefit table from 140g/km to 135g/km. This will provide a modest rise in tax for the drivers of average company cars, but of course no rise for the drivers of cars emitting more than the upper limit on the table of 240g/km.Rebecca Benneyworth reports.

This year the announcement is that the rates of benefit in kind will be frozen once again for 2009/10, so there will be no rise in store after 2008 for drivers of company cars.

The announcement also wraps in a change for drivers of E85 cars that is those that run on a blend of bio-diesel...

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