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If you're thinking of a new beginning this New Year and going it alone, there are lots of factors to consider. Jason Alderson from Burgess Hodgson, a specialist firm working with start-up businesses, provides a brief summary of what you need to review when starting a business. 

So you have taken the big step and decided to start your own business. Running your own business can be hugely rewarding but there will be a lot of hard work to come. New business owners will need to make some key decisions – and some of these choices could decide if the business survives or fails.  StructureOne of the first decisions a company needs to take is what structure the business should take. Essentially the choice comes down to two options and these are:

  • Sole trader/partnership
  • Limited company

A sole trade/partnership structure is the simplest form of structure and is often the most appropriate for start-up businesses. However it is important to remember that these structures do not offer limited liability – meaning that the owner’s personal assets may be at risk. Expert guides
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 Other Start-up resourcesBusiness LinkCompanies HouseBusiness ZoneUK Business Forums Jason Alderson is a senior manager at Burgess Hodgson, a company that has helped set up thousands of businesses and deals with payroll and PAYE for local businesses.  

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By chatman
06th Jan 2012 13:08

Rather basic for an accounting web site.

Funny thing to have on an accountancy web site, given how basic the content is.

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09th Jan 2012 12:12

A new departure for us

Thanks for your feedback, chatman. While you certainly have a point, this article is an early contribution to a "Business Advice Library" that we'd like to build in the months ahead. Its purpose is two-fold:

To build up a reference library that our members can draw on to prepare and present relevant advice to their clientsOccasionally to help them out with practical advice about running a business. Not every accountant has set up or run a firm themselves and there may be instances where they would benefit from expert guidance.

Some of this material already exists on AccountingWEB, but we're seeking contributions from members and sympathetic accountancy firms, who see it as an opportunity to raise their profile in the business advisory marketplace.

I hope this helps explains the somewhat simple nature of the advice offered in this article - and if you or any other members have content you think might be useful to business owners and their advisers, do let me know.


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15th Aug 2012 08:30

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